Joe Abell

Song 1

August 27, 2019



I’ve started messing around with MuseScore 3. This is pretty simple piece of piano music, no chords to speak of, just single notes to plunk away on at each hand.

I decided to try to use the random2 plugin, which produces a randomly generated score. It originally generated the score in 3/4, but it fit better in 4/4. I added a little of structure by introducing semibreves at regular stages, and then started fiddling with the notes until I liked how the bass and treble played together.

I then exported to pdf and mp3. Needless to say it is midi piano playing the piece, but I’d love to try and play the piece on ukulele soon.

Joe Abell

Joe Abell is a Ukulele playing Web Dev from York, UK. He blogs to help remind him about things he has learned.