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SQL Cheatsheet

July 15, 2019

SQL is a fantastic declarative programming language that I really enjoy using. For my own sanity, here is a quick cheatsheet.


  • Create - Creates a new thing. Mostly a new database, table.
  • Alter - Edit a table or column if already created.
  • Insert - Creates an item of an already createed thing. For example, if you have a table, insert a new row of the table.
  • Drop - Delete a database, table, column.


  • Create - CREATE DATABASE clowns;
  • Drop / Delete - DROP DATABASE clowns;


  • Create - CREATE TABLE Wig (WigID int PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, Name varchar);
  • Delete - DROP TABLE Wig;
  • Add Column - ALTER TABLE Wig ADD COLUMN Colour varchar;


  • Select All - SELECT * FROM Wig;
  • Select just the colour column - SELECT Colour from Wig;
  • Select only black wigs - SELECT * from Wig where Colour='black';
  • Add new row - INSERT INTO Wig (WigId, Name, Colour) VALUES (1, 'Kurly', 'orange');
  • remove row - DELETE FROM Wig WHERE WigID = 2;
  • update row - UPDATE WIG SET Name='Shiny' WHERE WigID = 3;

Querying from multiple tables

SELECT first_name, last_name, actor.actor_id, film.film_id, title, description
FROM actor
INNER JOIN film_actor ON actor.actor_id = film_actor.actor_id
INNER JOIN film ON film.film_id = film_actor.film_id;

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